WAIVER In states without non-recourse statutes, the bank could take your home and then pursue for the remainder of the debt – known as the deficiency – by going after your personal assets. A foreclosure gives the homeowner little leverage in negotiations. If the bank thinks it can make money by going after your personal assets after the foreclosure, it most definitely will. Contact our professional foreclosure short sales team in Bronx & Queens now.

But because a short sale actually saves the bank money in terms of administrative and legal costs, and it also presents the bank with a qualified buyer ready to purchase the home at a price well above what the bank could hope to get at a foreclosure auction, banks are often ready to negotiate a full deficiency waiver in a short sale. Instead of waiting for the bank to take his/her house, and then the rest of his/her remaining assets, a short sale allows the homeowner to take control, avoid foreclosure, and get a fresh start financially and mentally ALL CASH FOR HOUSES will make sure that you will get all the attention you deserve as a client.


While it may be difficult for homeowners to say goodbye to their beloved home, in order to avoid the financial and psychological toll that foreclosure can entail, it’s important to be able to get a fresh start again quickly. While the average foreclosure is a drawn-out process that averages 15 months, short sales can be completed in as little as 2-6 months, depending on your lender ALL CASH FOR HOUSES have a proven portfolio in closing deals from 3 – 6 weeks depending on the case.

Homeowners who choose to do a short sale find that after a short sale frees them from their burdensome mortgage payments, they’re actually able to rent a similar home in the same neighborhood after moving out. Relieved of a large financial burden, living comfortably under a roof in the same area, and having avoided the bulk of the financial consequences of foreclosure, homeowners are free to start to rebuild their financial future we here at ALL CASH FOR HOUSES will guide you on making the right decision your second time around we can offer you financial planning for the future.


Perhaps one of the greatest fears of homeowner’s facing foreclosure is the humiliation of public foreclosure proceedings. For a hardworking, honest citizen the thought of being evicted from YOUR own home and having your home sold through a foreclosure auction can be a stressful, anxiety inducing experience. When your home is sold through a short sale, the listing many times looks essentially like any other listing. There are no foreclosure proceedings and no public auction.

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