Having Estate related issues? When family members undergo the great loss of a loved one, it’s a life altering circumstance. It can literally make life extremely difficult. Many people give up home ownership as a result of the frustrations associated with the upkeep and financial debt of losing their bread winner. Others who are inheriting properties from deceased parents or friends sometimes also have issues makings ends meet. Inheriting real estate also implies inheriting everything that goes along with it including responsibilities and financial obligations related to home ownership; managing the property, taking care of the required repairs and more. Empire offers numerous solutions to individuals to handle these matters. Why keep an asset that you don’t want or his costing you in excess of what you can actually handle? Empire can help you find a buyer to purchase the property from you, as is, in an all cash offer, and assume all past and present debt obligations. While you inherited a valuable asset, unfortunately, you also inherited all its problems. Allow us to work with you to determine the proper solutions for you so that you and your family are free from this unwanted responsibility and can still walk away with a cash offer.